The sacrament that opens the door of faith to your child.

God reaches out to us in all kinds of ways. The desire in your heart to baptise your child is one of them. The promises you make for your child on this day will begin to form your child into a faith filled and faithful follower of Christ. But the day of baptism is only the beginning of your role. Being baptised is literally a life changing event – and not just for your child.

Our priests place a lot of emphasis on preparation and your own practice of the faith as the Church very reasonably wants to know what kind of a faith example you are going to set for your child, as you become his or her first teachers in faith. Whatever your level of faith commitment at this point, the baptism of your child offers a great opportunity to deepen your appreciation for and experience of the faith.

As Catholics we do not worship or witness our faith in a vacuum but in a community, and as a community, all of us by virtue of our own baptism are called to proclaim the faith and teach it to our little ones. Community – from the smallest domestic church (i.e., your immediate family) to your child’s wider world encompassing the godparents, grandparents, relatives, and friends, to the whole parish, and, yes, to the universal Church as the body of Christ – is what we’re all about, and what we’re eager to share with you.

Parents are invited to prepare for their child’s Baptism by attending a 4 week course which takes place every month on Sunday afternoons 3.45pm – 4.45 pm in the parish Upper Room at St Joseph’s Bromley.

Expectant parents are also warmly invited to enrol for baptism preparation and ask the priest for a blessing for their unborn child and themselves.

To arrange a baptism please contact a priest during his Surgery, no appointment is necessary, details of which are on the contact page.

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